Air Con Servicing Sydney

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Air Con Servicing Sydney
Air Con Servicing Sydney
Air Con Servicing Sydney

Air Con Servicing Sydney should be performed annually around the same time, rather than on a "as-needed" basis. This typically prevents costly failures and repairs. Similar to your car, if you ignore your air conditioning system and neglect upkeep, there is a greater likelihood of it breaking down prematurely or requiring extensive repairs. Air-Max Air Conditioning has served Sydney for over two decades. We can handle all of your requirements for air con service in Sydney at reasonable rates.

Heating and cooling devices account for a significant portion of your energy cost, so it makes sense to maintain your air conditioner operating as effectively as possible. Routine servicing of your air conditioning unit could cut your energy costs by as much as 30 percent. In addition, your family will breathe clean, fresh air circulated by the ac system.

Our Air Con Servicing Sydney Solutions

We offer various air con Sydney service options such as:

General Servicing

  • Air filter removal, cleaning, and AC service
  • Brushing and cleansing the fan blower thoroughly.
  • Removing algae and sterilising the water tray
  • Audit of air conditioning fan and cover
  • We repair wall-mounted and cassette-style air conditioners.

Outdoor Unit Servicing

  • Comprehensive cleaning of body panels, fans, and filters
  • High-pressure cleaning of the inside using disinfectant agents
  • Evaluate the temperature, pressure, and gas levels of the discharge
  • Drain obstructions by flushing the ac drainage system.
  • Comprehensive examination, fault identification, and repair

Chemical Overhaul

  • Each component of the disassembled device is chemically treated.
  • Filters with odor-removing chemical disinfection
  • Chemically treating components to eliminate algae and rust
  • Flushing the air conditioning drainage system using chemicals to repair leaks
  • Clearing any air conditioning pipe clogs

Chemical Wash

  • Chemically cleaning and clearing air filters of build-up
  • Comprehensive interior filter vacuuming
  • Chemical cleaning of the fan and cooling circuit to eliminate accumulation
  • Internal cavity flushing to eliminate odour-causing materials
  • Complete examination includes temperature and pressure of the discharge

Indoor Aircon Repair

  • Air conditioner spilling water
  • The air conditioner is blowing hot air / not cold air.
  • Unit deactivating with flashing lights
  • Temperature control failure
  • Substitution of defective components and installation

Gas Top Up

  • Air filter inspection and front panel cleaning
  • Deodorizing filter and bio-purity testing
  • Indoor cooling coil examination and cleaning
  • Flushing the system of drainage
  • Condenser coil examination and cleaning

Our air con Servicing Sydney Process

1. Air Filter Clean and Disinfection

All of the air that cools and purifies your room must travel through the unit's air filter. Dirty and clogged filters can affect your comfort and health. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously maintain clean filters. Our standard maintenance cleans the air filters to guarantee that your home has clean air.

2. Chemically Clean Water Tray and Fan Blower

The fan blower of your air conditioner is essential for the passage of cold air, while the unit's water tray collects condensation. If left unclean and unregulated, both can be hazardous, create pathogens, and degrade air quality. Our service offers disinfection to ensure the cleanliness of your surroundings and family.

3. Vacuuming of Interior System

There are components in your ac system that are difficult to clean, so wastewater and other pollutants build in these smaller sections. Our chemical wash service includes inside chemical spray cleansing and liquid vacuuming to thoroughly clean your air conditioner.

4. Flushing of Drainage System

A clean and efficient drainage system is vital for the operation of your air conditioner. Drainage obstructions can result in the formation of algae and toxins, which can severely harm your air conditioner and health. Through our chemical cleaning package, we guarantee that the drainage system is devoid of clogs and obstructions.

Preventive Maintenance

Every Preventative Maintenance Service includes:

  • Examine and test every electrical component
  • Examine every refrigerant pipe for chafing and vibration.
  • Examine all operational controls
  • Verify airflow at each outlet
  • Examine the general state of insulation and ducting
  • Verify temperature Controls and Thermostat precision
  • Check for vibration and noise and make any required adjustments
  • Check and secure all motor and fan mountings
  • Check and flush drain pipes as necessary
  • Replace or clean existing filters (based on condition)
  • Examine security measures (Isolator switch)
  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of Machine
  • Report any dangers and flaws (Report given after completion)
  • Check the condensing unit 
  • Examine compressor compartment for leaks of refrigerant
  • Modify Speed of the fan if necessary
  • General Cleanup of the outside unit (cobwebs/leaves etc)

Why Hire us?

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Locally-owned company
  • Licensed and insured
  • Industry leading workmanship
  • Considerate and friendly team
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Transparent, Reliable, Punctual
  • Punctual service
  • Service all leading AC brands like Mitshubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Daikin
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • Cover all work with workmanship warranties

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