Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning maintenance should be carried out every year around the same time and not on a ‘need basis’. This way you normally keep breakdowns costly repairs at bay. If you neglect your air conditioner system and skip maintenance, much like your regular, there is a higher chance of it breaking down early or needing major repairs.

Alot of your energy bill expense comes from heating and cooling appliances, so it only makes sense to keep your air conditioning working efficiently as possible.  Regular maintenance of your air conditioner improves efficiency and reduces energy bills by up to 30%. Plus, your family will be breathing fresh clean air circulated from the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

It is a recognized fact that a regularly serviced air conditioning system will have a far longer life span, optimised energy efficiency and will minimize the chances of costly repairs in the future. A large portion of your energy bill will come from heating and cooling appliances, so it only makes sense to have your air conditioner working as efficiently as possible.

Air-Max Exclusive “Comfort Club”

Our “Comfort Club” maintenance routine is one way to ensure one less thing is on your plate. Leave it to Air-Max to remember and notify you when your system is due for its routine maintenance by joining our Comfort Club today!

Every Preventative Maintenance Service includes:

  • Check and test all electrical components
  • Check all refrigerant piping for chafing and vibration
  • Check all operating controls
  • Check of air supply at all outlets
  • Check general condition of insulation and ductwork
  • Check temperature Controls & Thermostat accuracy
  • Check for noise and vibration and correct as necessary
  • Check and tighten all fan and motor mountings
  • Check & Flush drain pipes if required
  • Clean or Replace existing filters (depending on condition)
  • Examine safety controls (Isolator switch)
  • Check the general performance of Machine
  • Report on any risks or defects (Report given at completion)
  • Examine the condensing unit (fins and coils)
  • Check compressor compartment for refrigerant leaks
  • Adjust condensing Fan speed if required
  • General Tidy of the outdoor unit (leaves and cobwebs etc)

Environmental Air Solutions

Given our current climate, ensuring the air inside your home is as fresh and clean as possible should be on top of every family’s priority list. Our answer to mould and airborne bacteria is Environmental Air Solutions. 100% natural and environmentally friendly, this exclusive product is designed to KILL mould and bacteria found in the home in a safe and effective way! With the powers of pure Australian tea tree oil – this slow release gel works to purify the air your family breathes, eliminating the need for harsh and often damaging chemicals.Ask our friendly staff how you can trial our newest product in your home today.


Do you have a ducted system in your home? Are you sick and tired of cleaning your filters every other month but still feel as though you’re not doing enough? AirClean Filters are designed to last up to 12 months without a clean- eliminating that tedious task from your to-do list. The pleated design can trap pollutants that are over 10 times smaller than that of a traditional panel filter, with over 2.5x the surface area as well. For a cleaner system, purer air as well as a better running efficiency, AirClean filters are a must-have in every home.

Breakdown Air Con Servicing

Picture this, peak heat of the Australian summer and you’re A/C unit starts to a fault. Air-Max is your one-stop shop for all your breakdown repairs. We understand the frustration that comes with a broken A/C so we will endeavour to attend the site at the earliest availability for your peace of mind and comfort. From gas leaks to complete system failures we have you covered. Our air con servicing Narellan team will strive to bring you the best possible outcome in the fastest time possible.

Warranty Service

At Air-Max warranting our own work is of utmost importance to us. This is why together working with Fujitsu and Actron Air we have you covered for all your Installation and manufacture warranty servicing. Here at Air-Max we know there is nothing worse than chasing up warranty agents from multiple companies, this is why when you purchase a Fujitsu or Actron Air product we ensure the peace of mind that you will deal directly with us the whole way through.

Warranty Information to know before you call – There are many examples of issues that can void your warranty leaving you with a large and unnecessary bill at the end of your service. Please consider these things before installing and operating your air conditioning system.

Rodents – Mice, rats and small reptiles are often the cause of blown power circuits and are not covered under warranty,  please ensure your outdoor and indoor systems are clear and free from any build-up that may seem inviting to small creatures to nest in

Installer-faults – It is important to be selective when choosing an installer for your air conditioning system, sometimes cheaper does not always mean quality is assured. Please always use a licenced air conditioning installer.

Dirty Filters – Dirty filters are the leading cause of water leaks during the summer period. Once the filter becomes clogged and full this dirty can be easily sucked into the system and later can be found blocking your drain pipes. This will then lead to an overflow of water in your catchment tray which can and will do some pretty extensive damage to your ceilings.

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