Air Conditioning Installations

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Air Conditioning Installations
Air Conditioning Installations
Air Conditioning Installations

Did you know that 90% of service calls are caused by installer-related issues?

Installer-related warranty claims are not covered by manufacturers!

Cutting corners may seem like a good idea at the time. But when you’re left with an air conditioning system that doesn’t work properly or, even worse, is not covered under warranty if anything happens, you’ll wish you had it installed properly the first time.

You need to trust specialists that are NOT going to leave you with:

Incorrect Wiring

Refrigerant leaks

Installations that don’t follow manufacturer’s guidelines; therefore voids warranties

Fully Qualified, Trained & Insured

ARCtick Licensed Installers

At Air-Max our professional team of installers are fully qualified ARCtick licenced technicians and have strict standards adhering only to Manufacture guidelines and specifications.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified in ozone friendly gases (R410a)

Max Workmanship Guarantee

All work is fully GUARANTEED and backed by Air-Max and the manufacturer giving you total peace of mind; knowing your job is done right the first time.

At Air-Max Air Conditioning we are warranty agents for Fujitsu, Daikin and Mitsubishi. If you need air conditioning service or just have a question you can contact us on the number below, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

Installation Guide

Please note that prices quoted below include GST and are for local installations only, for quotes on other locations please contact our office

Type of Installation

Basic Installations


The most basic and cheapest type of installation for a split system air conditioner is a back to back installation.

This is where the fan coil unit sits inside and the condenser sits outside, back to back.


  • Outdoor unit on concrete slab
  • Up to 3 metres of refrigerant piping & interconnecting cables
  • Up to 2 metres of electrical supply
    (new or existing circuit)
  • 1 length of trunking


2.5kw to 5kw$650.00 inc
6kw to 9.5kw$700.00 inc
Commercial Circuit Breaker$650.00 inc

Type of Installation

Intermediate Installations


Intermediate type installations are when outdoor units need to be mounted on wall brackets or require extended pipe runs around corners or over garages, not a simple back to back installation.

Pricing extras:


Extra Piping (per metre)$45
Wall Brackets$100
Extra Trunking$45
Roof Brackets$200
Protective Cages$600
Commercial Circuit Breaker$55

Type of Installation

Advanced Installations


Advanced installations require a great deal of skill and care. They can include anything from lifting units onto roofs and roof brackets to extra pipe runs, cutting out plaster walls and many other situations that present difficult.

Please note that, in order to price a job like this, a site visit is normally required.

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