Split System Air Con Sydney

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Split System Air Con Sydney
Split System Air Con Sydney
Split System Air Con Sydney

Installing a split system air con Sydney is indeed a great way to beat the heat. However, this calls for professional installation services. Our team at Air-Max Air Conditioning can help you out with extremely reliable services. We are one of the best AC installation and servicing companies in Sydney, and have quite a good track record so far. We can also provide you with a wide range of AC models to choose from, and even help you make the right choice. When you rope us in for a split AC installation, rest assured that the task is in good hands.

Is choosing a split AC a good idea?

Are you still undecided on whether you actually want a split AC? Well. for cooling single rooms, split aircons are your best option. This makes these air conditioners excellent for homes and offices. Considering that the aircon you buy is an inverter AC, it can provide you with both heating and cooling. Several factors have made split air conditioners extremely popular:

  • Installing a split system air con Sydney is relatively simple. Even if the indoor unit is thirty meters away from the condenser, all you need is a small hole in the wall to pass the copper tubing and the control wiring.
  • The low noise operability of split ACs is a major reason behind its popularity in homes and offices. These air conditioners are almost silent and would allow you to focus on your tasks without any disturbance.
  • The latest split aircons are extremely energy efficient. This not only makes them environment friendly, but also helps to keep the energy bills low. If you are looking for a cost-effective cooking solution, installing a split AC is a good idea.
  • Split aircons also look aesthetically appealing, due to their sleek design. While a bulky window unit can ruin the beauty of a room’s décor, a split system can blend in nicely. Most importantly, however, a split air conditioner wouldn’t block any of the room’s windows.
  • As a homeowner, you might find the maintenance of various appliances and systems to be a hassle. However, split aircons require minimal maintenance and have washable filters. The outdoor units are also easy to care for, or repair if needed.

Hence, you may rest assured that a split system air con Sydney would serve you well, as long as you choose the right system and get it installed properly.

Why is choosing a leading AC installation company so important?

Wondering why you should get your new split AC installed only by a top AC installation company like Air-Max? Well, this is because a variety of problems could arise as a result of improper installation:

1. Refrigerant leaks

The amount of refrigerant left in your air conditioner is one of the key factors that determines its performance. However, mishandling at the time of installation can cause some of the refrigerant to leak out. This would make the AC inefficient at cooling from the very onset itself.

2. Damages

Regardless of its type, an air conditioner contains various intricate parts. If the split system air con Sydney installation goes wrong, these parts might get damaged. Of course, this is something you would want to avoid at all costs.

3. Premature breakdowns

It is normal for an aircon to break down once in a while when it has grown old and the parts start wearing out. However, a poorly-installed AC may break down often, even within a short period of time since the installation.

How do we ensure a perfect AC installation?

By now, you know that different things could go wrong during an aircon installation and lead to problems. So, how does our team install split aircons perfectly? We pay a great deal of attention to every detail, such as:

  • Careful handling: We are well aware of the various delicate parts in an air conditioner, and would handle the installation with care.
  • Testing the system: After installing a split AC, our team always tests it out and measures the airflow to ensure that everything is running fine.
  • Proper placement: Thanks to their ample experience, our professionals can pick the best placements for the indoor and outdoor units.

When installing your split system air con Sydney, we would take into account every factor that may have an impact on the system’s performance and lifespan. For instance, the positioning of the indoor unit has a direct impact on how well the AC would heat or cool a room.

What makes us different?

Let’s face it, there are plenty of aircon installation companies in Sydney. So, what makes Air-Max different from the rest? These do:

  • Our complete transparency with our customers
  • The expertise of our professionals
  • Our customer-friendly approach and efficient support team
  • The great reputation we have earned so far

You may rest assured that Air-Max is an extremely reliable pick, and we would ensure a hassle-free installation. To get in touch with us, you may either fill up this form or call us at 1300 207 428.

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